Guidelines for Digital Security

Secure yourselves. It’s easy

Why is security important (for me)?

  • Security prevents theft (money and private data like your pictures).
  • Without it, malware will ruin your digital device, even tablets and smart phones.
  • Security prevents your device from becoming part of an illegal botnet.

Without (sufficiant) security and you being aware, things will end up badly. Most DDoS attacks to banks and other sites are done with ordinary PC’s. The owners mostly don’t know they are part of a Botnet. Apart from theft, breach of privacy, you might actually helping criminals achieving their goals. Don’t let it get that far!

How this site will help you

In short, reading this website will help you improve your digital security. This applies to your computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, servers and so on. It will help you achieve your day-to-day goals by keeping your digital devices healty. In short:

Keep in mind

Allways be reticent with new things. Think twice before acting.

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