Guidelines for Digital Security

Digital Basics

Good house hold

For all digital computer devices (PC, laptop, MacBook, Android etc.) the same rules apply.


  1. Use security software: firewall and anti-malware (Anti-Virus, Ani-Spam).
  2. Use legal software.
  3. Keep your system and software up to date.
  4. Never install additional or 3rd party software.


  1. Only click on links in e-mails that ask to log in to a website, when you expect that e-mail.
  2. Don’t trust e-mails you don’t expect.
  3. Look twice before downloading files or opening e-mail attachments.


  1. Use different passwords per site and use a secure password tool to organize this.
  2. Use the “Advanced” setup allways when installing software.
  3. Don’t install browser toolbars and apps you do not need.

Don’t forget

Make sure you have a good backup of your data.

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